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A few ideas worth sharing for May 18, 2017

In this week’s newsletter I include an article which predicts that rents in Portland (as well as other west coast cities) will continue to increase by 5%+ per year, an article which explains why we’re likely to continue to see infill development unabated into the future, and a fascinating look at traffic and how automated […]

Follow up- Affordability in Portland

Last week I posted THIS PIECE which highlighted the (welcome) perspective from the state of Oregon’s Office of Economic Analysis that housing affordability will reach an inflection point this year. It turns out that the chief economist for the aforementioned office delivered a talk to the City Club of Portland a couple weeks ago.  His […]

Will housing affordability in Portland continue to worsen?

There is no question that housing affordability has been one of the most talked about topics in the Portland area since the Great Recession.  Rising rents and rising home prices have been a strain on many households across our region.  According to John Burns Real Estate Consulting only 50% of Portlanders can afford a median […]

The impact of rising mortgage rates on purchasing power

As many prospective homebuyers are painfully aware mortgage rates have taken an acute shift higher since the election back in November.  Mortgage rates have increased by .50%-1.00% depending the loan program and down payment.  Depending on a prospective homebuyers approach this will impact people in different ways. Lets look at an example of a homebuyer […]

Is there a bubble forming in Portland?

As those of us in the Portland, OR housing industry know the current imbalance between supply and demand in our local market is a little bit concerning.  Stories of multiple offers, waving contingencies, and sales way above asking are everywhere and for some the prospect of buying a home may seem impossible. Fortunately, I am […]

Interest Rate & Housing Outlook for 2016

It was John Kenneth Galbraith who once said, ‘Economists don’t answer because they know.  They answer because they are asked.‘  The reality is that no one has a crystal ball.  That said, economists tend to use technical sounding language and accompany their forecasts with plenty of graphs so many of us like to think they […]

Oregon Office of Economic Analysis: Is 2015 Peak Renter?

Josh Lehner, an economist that works for the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis, continues to do excellent work.  Earlier this month he released a blog post (SEE HERE) in which he predicts that 2015 could be a peak renter year for Portland.  How did he arrive at this conclusion? Josh looked at demographic data from […]

Portland Business Journal: ‘Portland a terrific value’

The Portland Business Journal did an interesting analysis over the past few months.  In conjunction with its sister papers across the country it measured the affordability of different metropolitan areas by collecting cost data for a variety of consumption categories (see FULL STORY HERE).  Everything from a large bucket of popcorn at the movie theater […]

Interested in buying a home with a tax exemption?

Did you know some homes in Portland qualify for a 10-year property tax exemption?  This can save a homeowner thousands of dollars each year.  In order to qualify for the limited tax exemption the sale must meet the following requirements AND be identified as an eligible property on THIS WEBSITE. Here are the requirements from […]

2014 housing outlook by Oregonian’s Front Porch

In case you didn’t catch it on the Oregonian’s real estate reporter Elliot Njus wrote a good piece on the outlook for buying a home in Portland in 2014. I also happened to be quoted on the topic of the upcoming qualified mortgage regulations. You can read the piece HERE. Here is a summary: […]