My Clients on Working with Me:

The transparency and options offered made the decision easy.  Service was excellent, responses were always prompt and very professional.

The Usual great service.  Thanks!

My wife and I are extremely pleased with the service we have received from you.  You made it easy to buy a house.

Absolutely excellent with follow up- the emails were prompt and informative with all details.

Really like the ease of being in contact via email, and the loan progress email that is sent out at least once a week with where we are and what we are waiting on.  Really like the fact that on a Friday, even if there has been no new info there is still an update before going into the weekend.  You guys have done an amazing job.

Thank you for helping us in the house buying process!  We are so thankful for your attention to detail and ease in which you communicate.  You answered questions quickly and efficiently and made us feel comfortable with every decision we needed to make.  Your weekly updates helped us to know that we weren’t just another number, but clients that you valued (or at least it seemed that way!)  We will absolutely recommend you to our friends and family!


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The Latest from My Blog

Mortgage Rate Update October 23, 2014

Mortgage rates are currently unchanged from Monday but it looks like rates may be poised to move modestly higher at least in the near-term. A rally in the stock market is pressuring mortgage rates higher this morning.  Caterpillar and 3M corporations each reported stronger than expected earnings earlier today which is helping to propel US […]

Mortgage Rate Update October 20, 2014

After creating new lows on Wednesday of last week rates have risen by ~.125%.  Rates remain very attractive. A “flight-to-safety” is pressuring rates lower.  Since the first US case of Ebola was discovered back on September 30th the S&P 500 has fallen by 5%.  Bad news for stocks is often good news for mortgage rates. […]

Mortgage Rate Update October 15, 2014

‘Rate Update’ on Wednesday?  Mortgage rates have moved sharply lower this morning so I felt compelled to get an update out ahead of tomorrow when I normally send one. Interest rates are currently at their best levels in over 16 months.  Currently, the US 10-year treasury note is trading below 2.00% and mortgage rates have […]

Mortgage Rate Update October 9, 2014

Mortgage rates are approximately .25% better from mid-September and are currently at the best levels of the year. The minutes from the last Fed meeting were released yesterday and were more dovish than the markets were anticipating.  Prior to the release the markets had been expecting the Fed to being raising short-term interest rates in […]

Mortgage Rate Update October 6, 2014

Mortgage rates are mostly unchanged from last week. Despite a stronger than expected monthly jobs report on Friday mortgage rates remain near 2014 lows.  In case you missed it the release showed that the US economy created 248,000 new jobs in September and the unemployment rate fell to 5.9% (from 6.1%). Normally a better than […]

Mortgage Rate Update October 2, 2014

Mortgage rates are mostly unchanged from the beginning of the week.  Rates are currently at the best levels since early September. It’s amazing how accurate technical trading signals can be.  Back on September 18th I recommended a “floating bias” (see HERE) as the yield on a US 10-year treasury note was approaching its 200-day moving […]

Mortgage Rate Update September 29, 2014

Mortgage rates continue to improve after rising in mid-September. If I told you that mortgage rates are benefiting from geopolitical tension this morning you’d likely assume that headlines regarding conflicts in Ukraine or Syria are the cause.  In fact, Hong is grabbing attention this morning. Despite government calls to disperse pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong […]

Mortgage Rate Update September 25, 2014

Mortgage rates are at their best levels since September 8th. A “flight-to-safety” is helping mortgage rates this morning.  Investors are piling into US-dollar denominated debt in response to concern over the strength of China’s economy and raising tensions between Western countries and Russia.  Geopolitical uncertainty helps mortgage rates remain low. International story-lines are driving interest […]

Mortgage Rate Update september 22, 2014

Mortgage rates have improved modestly from the last ‘rate update’. This morning, Interest rates are benefiting from comments made by a Chinese Government official.  China’s Finance Minister commented that he did not expect to change economic or monetary policies in response to recent weakness in the Chinese economy.  China is the world’s 2nd largest economy […]

Mortgage Rate Update September 18, 2014

Mortgage note rates are mostly unchanged from the beginning of the week but the accompanying closing costs are slightly worse.  Mortgage rates are at the worst levels since the beginning of May. As is often the case, rates for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage have loosely followed the trajectory on the US 10-year treasury yield […]