My Clients on Working with Me:

Absolutely excellent with follow up- the emails were prompt and informative with all details.

Thank you SO SO SO much for being so organized, so quick and efficient, for directing us every step of the way—this was almost TOO easy for us! We are so grateful to have had your support and expertise throughout this process. This is a very big/exciting step for us and your diligence and attentiveness was incredibly reassuring….THANK YOU!!

It was great working with Evan again.  Once again he was on top of everything and we are happy with how quickly everything went!

Evan is polite and professional.  I would recommend him to anyone!

We could not be happier.  You took cae of our new mortgage completely and everything went perfect.  Thanks again!

Great job.  We were always informed and thoroughly enjoyed working with Evan.


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Mortgage Rate Update April 17, 2014

Mortgage rates are unchanged from earlier in the week although mortgage-backed bond prices are trending lower so we have to be careful. Mortgage rates are unchanged this week but its not because of a lack of news.  Instead mortgage rates are being pulled in opposite directions by two different story-lines. If the US economy were […]

Mortgage Rate Update April 14, 2014

‘Rate Update’ is back after a fantastic week off spent in Maui.  While on vacation mortgage rates improved from two weeks ago. Mortgage rates have improved despite relatively healthy economic news.  Today, for example, monthly Retail Sales were reported stronger than expected.  Last week we saw lower than expected jobless claims and hotter than expected […]

Mortgage Rate Update April 3, 2014

Housekeeping note: ‘Rate Update’ will be on vacation next week so the next update will come out on Monday, April 14th. I have maintained a locking outlook since last Thursday and that shift has proved accurate as mortgage rates have risen by ~.125% the past week. Since we’re in the first week of a new […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 31, 2014

This morning the dynamic in the interest rate market is opposite of what I had reported on Thursday last week (yield curve grew steeper this morning).  This is because Janet Yellen is all of a sudden signing a different tune. Speaking to a conference on community investment Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen painted a relatively grim outlook on the […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 27, 2014

Fixed mortgage rates are priced slightly better today compared to earlier in the week but shorter-term hybrid ARM’s (i.e. 5/1 ARM) are the same or worse. Why are these moving in conflict with each other? If the Fed does move to raise short-term interest rates sooner than previously thought then the yield curve will flatten […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 24, 2014

Mortgage rates are unchanged from last Thursday’s ‘rate update’. As you may recall mortgage rates rose sharply (.125%-.25%) last week following comments made by Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen in which she announced that the Fed would move to raise short-term interest rates sooner than the markets had been expecting. Over the weekend other Fed officials […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 20, 2014

Mortgage rates rose at the sharpest pace of the year yesterday following the Fed’s post monetary policy meeting. Hopefully borrowers followed our advice on Monday when I shifted to a locking outlook. On a side note, one reason why those of us in the industry don’t like the weekly Freddie Mac primary mortgage market survey […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 17, 2014

Mortgage rates are priced modestly better this morning compared to last week. As expected Crimeans voted yesterday to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. In response the US has put into force minor sanctions against Russia. There is speculation that the US may dip into its strategic oil reserve and boost supply with the goal […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 13, 2014

Mortgage rates are unchanged from the beginning of the week.  This morning’s retails sales report showed that consumer purchases in the month of February grew slightly more than economists had expected. Good news for the economy is often bad news for mortgage rates. However, also embedded in the report was a negative revision to the […]