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It was a pleasure, Evan.  I appreciate your clearly written explanations of the loan specifics.

Great job.  We were always informed and thoroughly enjoyed working with Evan.

Excellent Service!  Thank you!

Great Service!  We were kept in the loop during the whole process.  Thanks again!

Thanks for your help.  You guys do provide great service.  I will be happy to recommend you to folks in the future.

Absolutely excellent with follow up- the emails were prompt and informative with all details.


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Mortgage Rate Update March 2, 2015

Mortgage rates are essentially unchanged from last Thursday. Thank goodness February is over.  It was a tough month for mortgage rates as they increased by ~.25% across the board.  Will March be better?  So far no good. US stocks are starting the new month higher.  The NASDAQ briefly traded at 5,000 earlier today.  The all-time […]

Mortgage Rate Update February 26, 2015

Although mortgage note rates are unchanged from Monday the accompany closing costs are slightly lower so in fact the rate environment has improved modestly this week. More and more analysts are calling for a stock market correction.  The S&P 500 is up almost 6% during the month of February.  It’s one of the largest one […]

Mortgage Rate Update February 19, 2015

Mortgage rates are unchanged from the beginning of the week. Yesterday the minutes from the most recent Fed meeting were released.  As I have previously written about here on ‘rate update’ the minutes indicated that the Fed is concerned about raising short-term interest rates too soon and will likely have to delay monetary tightening.  Prior […]

Mortgage Rate Update February 17, 2015

Although mortgage note rates are mostly unchanged this morning the accompanying closing costs are slightly worse. Last Thursday I highlighted the importance of the US 10-year treasury sticking at or below the important technical level of 2.02%.  Unfortunately the yield on the 10-year has pierced above that layer and is currently trading at 2.09%.  Should […]

Mortgage Rate Update February 12, 2015

For the most part mortgage rates are more or less unchanged from Monday. As we’ve said time and time again here on ‘rate update’ bad news for the economy tends to be good news for mortgage rates and vice versa.  Earlier today, the Commerce Department released figures which showed that retail sales here in the […]

Mortgage Rate Update February 9, 2015

Although mortgage note rates appear unchanged from last Thursday the accompanying closing costs are higher so in fact pricing has worsened. In advance of last Friday’s all-important jobs report I issued my reasons for why I thought it made sense to lock.  I don’t always call the right shot but this time I did as […]

Mortgage Rate Update February 5, 2015

Mortgage rates are about .125% worse from where we started this week. US interest rates have worsened slightly this week on easing concerns over Greece and the European Union.  This story is far from being “out of the woods” but currently sentiment is unfavorable for mortgage rates. As I’ve explained before on ‘rate update’ mortgage […]

Mortgage Rate Update February 2, 2015

Mortgage rates are unchanged from last week. According to the Institute for Supply Management manufacturing activity slowed in January across the US.  In a separate report US consumer spending declined by more than analysts had expecting.  The reports are raising concerns about the economic impact of weakness around the globe. It’s jobs week so I […]

Mortgage Rate Update January 29, 2015

Mortgage rates have improved very modestly this week. In yesterday’s Fed statement that was released following their regularly scheduled monetary policy meeting they signaled that they would not hike short-term interest rates sooner than mid-year.  They also did not commit to hiking rates at that time. As we’ve pointed out on this blog the Fed […]