My Clients on Working with Me:

“Evan was great, informative and answered all questions promptly.  Everyone we worked with was incredibly helpful.  We appreciate that we got contacted so we cold take advantage of the lower rate.”

“Everyone at Mortgage Trust was wonderful throughout the whole process. Communication within the team, between Mortgage Trust and the title company, and my agent, made the whole process feel so easy + smooth.”

“Evan and his team made this such a smooth, clear process for a first time home buyer. I was anxious entering the process, but Evan was always there to answer my many questions and guide me through everything step by step. I would highly recommend Mortgage Trust to any potential home owner.”

“Evan and his team were professional, prompt, and knowledgeable. We were kept informed of our loan progress and never felt out of the loop.”

“Amanda + Evan were wonderful. They helped me with my refinance. Their communication was exceptional – responded quickly to all my calls and emails. Thank you so much for all your help.”

“Very professional, Excellent communication, Felt safe and taken care of!  Thanks!”

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Are video games the reason why mortgage rates are so low?

OK, OK, I realize the headline might be a little far-fetched but I ran across THIS ARTICLE in The Economist’s lifestyle magazine and was fascinated.  The entire article is worth a read. Of significance to this blog is the thesis @ryanavent contributes to the great mystery as to why the unemployment rate is historically low […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 20, 2017

Housekeeping: As you may have noticed the past two weeks ‘rate update’ is shifting to once weekly distribution (each Monday).  I am working on a new supplemental Thursday format designed to get you ready for the weekend that I will be rolling out after spring break. HAPPY 1ST DAY OF SPRING!  It’s almost time to […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 13, 2017

Mortgage rates had a rough time last week.  They now stand at their worst levels in over two years. Friday’s all-important jobs report was better than expected.  It showed that 235,000 jobs were created during the month of February and that wages increased by 2.8% year-over-year.  With these results the Fed is almost certain to […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 6, 2017

Mortgage rates are unchanged from Thursday.  Also unchanged?  My antipathy for wintry weather.  As far as I am concerned Punxsutawney Phil can shove it. This week’s economic calendar is busy.  Financial markets will be primarily focused on a trifecta of employment data which will conclude on Friday with the all-important jobs report.  The markets are […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 2, 2017

Hopefully you took the advice on Monday to lock because mortgage rates have worsened this week. Do you want to see a naked picture on snapchat?  If so, you can see one HERE.  Punny, right? Speaking of snapchat it’s shares start trading on Wall Street today.  Get yours before they disappear.  Stocks continue to rally […]

Mortgage Rate Update February 27, 2017

Shifting to a ‘floating bias’ on Thursday of last week has proved timely as yields have improved.  Speaking of floating today is National Polar Bear Day.  Apparently you can bake “cubcakes” if you really want celebrate. Mortgage rates had a great ride last week but momentum appears to be shifting.  As the French presidential election […]

Mortgage Rate Update February 23, 2017

Despite there being a lot of noise mortgage rates are unchanged from earlier in the week. There has been much speculation that the Trump administration will push Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac out of government conservatorship and return the companies to private shareholders. But will they?  As industry expert Rob Chrisman laid out, imagine your […]

Mortgage Rate Update February 21, 2017

The bond market was closed yesterday in recognition of Presidents Day.  Speaking of the nation’s top office, I read over the weekend that during the President’s daily briefing he was told that three Brazilian soldiers were killed overnight.  In reaction the president was stunned and showed an uncommon display of grief and emotion.  After collecting […]

Mortgage Rate Update February 16, 2017

Given that today is National “Do a Grouch a Favor Day” (seriously see HERE) I find it appropriate that mortgage rates are improving modestly this morning.  Mortgage rates are essentially unchanged from Monday which is a win given that pricing worsened Monday-Wednesday. In case you missed it Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen told congressional lawmakers that […]

Mortgage Rate Update February 13, 2017

Mortgage rates worsened during the latter half of last week. Mortgage rates will be looking for love tomorrow from Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen.  She is scheduled to provide testimony to congressional lawmakers tomorrow and Wednesday.  Much like the origins of St. Valentine’s Day are not well understood neither is the relationship between the Fed and […]