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“Very professional, Excellent communication, Felt safe and taken care of!  Thanks!”

“Amanda + Evan were wonderful. They helped me with my refinance. Their communication was exceptional – responded quickly to all my calls and emails. Thank you so much for all your help.”

“Evan and his team made this such a smooth, clear process for a first time home buyer. I was anxious entering the process, but Evan was always there to answer my many questions and guide me through everything step by step. I would highly recommend Mortgage Trust to any potential home owner.”

“Evan was great, informative and answered all questions promptly.  Everyone we worked with was incredibly helpful.  We appreciate that we got contacted so we cold take advantage of the lower rate.”

“Evan and his team were professional, prompt, and knowledgeable. We were kept informed of our loan progress and never felt out of the loop.”

“Everyone at Mortgage Trust was wonderful throughout the whole process. Communication within the team, between Mortgage Trust and the title company, and my agent, made the whole process feel so easy + smooth.”

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Follow up- Affordability in Portland

Last week I posted THIS PIECE which highlighted the (welcome) perspective from the state of Oregon’s Office of Economic Analysis that housing affordability will reach an inflection point this year. It turns out that the chief economist for the aforementioned office delivered a talk to the City Club of Portland a couple weeks ago.  His […]

Mortgage Rate Update January 23, 2017

Mortgage rates are mostly unchanged from last Thursday’s ‘rate update’. Will President Trump’s policies help or hurt our economy?  This is one of the primary questions the financial markets are dealing with right now. On one hand a large infrastructure investment would provide fiscal stimulus that would certainly create growth and possibly pressure mortgage rates […]

Mortgage Rate Update January 19, 2017

Well, after a nice 5-week run mortgage rates ticked higher yesterday giving away half the improvements they gained on the way down. The culprit?  Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen delivered a speech yesterday in which she stated that Fed officials expect to raise short-term interest rates “a few times a year” through 2019.  This was more […]

Mortgage Rate Update January 17, 2017

Mortgage rates remain at the best levels following the election and about .25% improved from recent highs. Inflation expectations is the primary driver of mortgage rates.  This is because inflation erodes the purchasing power of future interest payments.  Therefore, when lenders think inflation will rise in the future they charge higher rates of interest to […]

Mortgage Rate Update January 12, 2017

Although mortgage note rates are unchanged today the accompanying closing costs are modestly lower so in fact the rate environment has improved slightly this week. In case you missed it FHA announced Monday that FHA mortgage insurance premiums will be reduced beginning January 27, 2017.  If you ever work with FHA buyers then I would […]

Will housing affordability in Portland continue to worsen?

There is no question that housing affordability has been one of the most talked about topics in the Portland area since the Great Recession.  Rising rents and rising home prices have been a strain on many households across our region.  According to John Burns Real Estate Consulting only 50% of Portlanders can afford a median […]

Mortgage Rate Update January 9, 2017

Mortgage rates are effectively unchanged from last week. As I’ve written countless times on this feed there is a common misunderstanding about the relationship between the Federal Reserve and mortgage rates.  The Fed does not directly control mortgage rates. The most recent Fed hike, which took place on December 16th, is yet another example.  Since […]

Mortgage Rate Update January 5, 2017

Happy New Year!  I hope you had a safe and joyous holiday season and that 2017 is off to a great start! Mortgage rates are off to a good start.  As we know mortgage rates increased by .50%-1.00% following the election on expectations that the new administration would engage in aggressive fiscal expansion (increased spending […]

The impact of rising mortgage rates on purchasing power

As many prospective homebuyers are painfully aware mortgage rates have taken an acute shift higher since the election back in November.  Mortgage rates have increased by .50%-1.00% depending the loan program and down payment.  Depending on a prospective homebuyers approach this will impact people in different ways. Lets look at an example of a homebuyer […]

Mortgage Rate Update December 19, 2016

Housekeeping: This will be the last ‘rate update’ of 2016.  The next update will take place the first week of January.  Thank you for your interest in the content.  Have a happy and joyous holiday season! Mortgage rates got stung following the Fed’s rate hike decision last week. As expected the Fed hiked short-term interest […]