My Clients on Working with Me:

Great Service!  We were kept in the loop during the whole process.  Thanks again!

Great job.  We were always informed and thoroughly enjoyed working with Evan.

Really like the ease of being in contact via email, and the loan progress email that is sent out at least once a week with where we are and what we are waiting on.  Really like the fact that on a Friday, even if there has been no new info there is still an update before going into the weekend.  You guys have done an amazing job.

Great with new homebuyers.  Evan sat down and explained everything in detail.  We really appreciate all the work for us.  Thanks again.

It was great working with Evan again.  Once again he was on top of everything and we are happy with how quickly everything went!

Thank you for the great service; keep thinking outside the box!


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Mortgage Rate Update January 26, 2015

Mortgage rates are unchanged from late last week. Over the weekend the left-wing Syriza party was victorious in Greece’s national election.  The party ran on a platform opposing European Central Bank mandated reforms including austerity measures.  The election calls into question the long-term viability of Greece as an European Union (EU) member.  Should Greece secede […]

Mortgage Rate Update January 22, 2015

Although mortgage note rates are unchanged from Tuesday the accompanying closing costs are slightly worse. As I wrote earlier in the week (HERE) the European Central Bank (ECB) made an important announcement today outlining their plans to boost “quantitative easing” (QE) measures with the goal of stimulating their economy.  ECB President Mario Draghi unveiled a […]

Mortgage Rate Update Janaury 20, 2015

Mortgage rates worsened by ~.125% on Friday.  So far today mortgage-backed bond prices have stabilized. As I’ve been writing on this forum interest rates are currently benefitting from lower oil prices (lower inflationary pressure) and weakness in Europe. Oil prices continue to slide.  After the International Monetary Fund cuts its forecast for global growth on […]

Mortgage Rate Update Janaury 15, 2015

Mortgage rates continue to improve.  We’re only about .25% off the all-time low levels reached in November of 2012. Talk of the Swiss Franc is sweeping the financial markets today.  Earlier Swiss officials announced that they would let the Swiss currency float against the Euro (previously the two currencies were “pegged”).  Given that the EU […]

Mortgage Rate Update January 8, 2015

Mortgage rates are essentially unchanged from Monday and remain near all-time low levels. US stocks are trading sharply higher this morning as oil prices stabilize.  In the past month oil prices have declined by ~50%.  Traditionally this has been seen as good news for the US economy because it allows households to spend less on […]

Mortgage Rate Update January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!  I sincerely wish you a successful and happy 2015! Mortgage rates are starting the new year off with a slight decline.  30-year fixed mortgage rates are currently at the best levels since May of 2013.  What is pressuring rates lower? Two main themes are helping mortgage rates.  First, weakness is Europe continues […]

Mortgage Rate Update December 22, 2014

Housekeeping: Happy Holidays!  This will be the last ‘rate update’ of 2014.  I will back on Monday, January 5th.  Have a safe and joyful season! This is a holiday shortened week with the markets open only a partial day on Wednesday and closed entirely for the Christmas holiday.  The markets will be back open on […]

Mortgage Rate Update December 18, 2014

Mortgage rates are slightly higher than when we started the week but still within .125% of 2014 lows.  Fortunately we took a locking stance on Monday so existing applications should be protected from this small increase. In yesterday’s monetary policy statement the Fed removed their reference of leaving short-term interest rates low for a “considerable […]