My Clients on Working with Me:

Great Service!  We were kept in the loop during the whole process.  Thanks again!

Absolutely love working with you guys and would definitely do so again.

I have to say on record that you guys are the best lending agency I have ever worked with. I have and will continue to tell every one I know,”Mortgage Trust is the best and only company to work with”!!

Thanks for all the help during the process.  You and your staff were great to work with.  It’s always fun to see and work with people who are really good at what they do.  As I said earlier I’ll gladly recommend people to you.

Even when I ask what appears to me to be a simple question you have taken the time to respond.Trust me if anyone I know should ever ask who I would recommend as a loan company, you are Top of my list.

Thank you for helping us in the house buying process!  We are so thankful for your attention to detail and ease in which you communicate.  You answered questions quickly and efficiently and made us feel comfortable with every decision we needed to make.  Your weekly updates helped us to know that we weren’t just another number, but clients that you valued (or at least it seemed that way!)  We will absolutely recommend you to our friends and family!


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Mortgage Rate Update July 28, 2014

Mortgage rates are effectively unchanged to start the week.  Rates have oscillated within a tight range since the 4th of July holiday.  As I’ve repeatedly written, domestic economic news has been fairly strong as of late and is place upward pressure on rates.  Counterbalancing this pressure is economic weakness in Europe and ongoing geopolitical tension. […]

Mortgage Rate Update July 24, 2014

Mortgage note rates are mostly unchanged from and the accompanying closing costs are slightly worse the start of the week. Interest rates continue to move within a fairly tight range.  Domestic economic news continues to want to pressure rates higher.  Earlier today weekly jobless claims were reported at the lowest level since 2006.  Earlier in […]

Mortgage Rate Update July 21, 2014

Mortgage note rates are mostly unchanged to start the week but the accompanying closing costs are modestly lower. Geopolitical tension is helping to keep mortgage rates low here in the US.  Fighting in Gaza City escalated over the weekend between Israel and Hamas. Moreover the political unrest between Ukraine and Russia also escalated over the […]

Mortgage Rate Update July 17, 2014

Although mortgage note rates are unchanged this morning the associated closing costs are slightly worse so in fact locking at the beginning of the week was the correct call.  Overall, mortgage rates have remained fairly stable dating back to the 4th of July holiday. The Census Bureau released data this morning which showed that new […]

Mortgage Rate Update July 14, 2014

Mortgage rates are more or less unchanged this morning. US stocks are off to a hot start this morning responding to better than expected earnings from Citigroup.    Good news for stocks is often a bad sign for mortgage rates. It’s a fairly quiet news day today but there are some important events taking place later […]

Mortgage Rate Update July 10, 2014

Mortgage note rates are unchanged this morning but the accompanying closing costs are modestly lower so in fact the overall rate environment is slightly better today. A new development out of Portugal is causing a global “flight-to-safety” which is helping the outlook for interest rates here in the US.  Earlier today news broke that a […]

Mortgage Rate Update July 7, 2014

Mortgage rates are largely unchanged this morning following last Thursday’s better than expected all-important jobs report. In case you missed it the June jobs report showed that 288,000 new jobs were created.  This was far better than expectations.  Typically, a stronger than expected jobs report causes rates to rise.  However, rates had risen modestly ahead […]

Mortgage Rate Update July 2, 2014

I am sending ‘rate update’ today because the all-important jobs report is due out in the morning and I want to give borrowers a chance to consider the option of locking prior to the release of the report (when its too late). Although mortgage note rates are unchanged the accompanying closing costs are modestly worse. […]

Mortgage Rate Update June 30, 2014

Mortgage note rates are mostly unchanged although the accompanying closing costs are slightly lower. During the 2nd quarter of this year mortgage rates continued to trend lower thanks to weak economic growth in Europe and geopolitical tension in Ukraine and Iraq..  Average 30yr fixed mortgage rates started the year around 4.50% and are now closer […]

Mortgage Rate Update June 26, 2014

Mortgage rates are priced slightly better from earlier in the week (note rates are unchanged). In case you missed it yesterday’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) release was a stinker.  The report from the Department of Commerce showed that the US economy contracted at a 2.9% annualized pace during the first quarter.  Of course analysts are […]