My Clients on Working with Me:

It was great working with Evan again.  Once again he was on top of everything and we are happy with how quickly everything went!

Thank you for the great service; keep thinking outside the box!

Thank you for helping us in the house buying process!  We are so thankful for your attention to detail and ease in which you communicate.  You answered questions quickly and efficiently and made us feel comfortable with every decision we needed to make.  Your weekly updates helped us to know that we weren’t just another number, but clients that you valued (or at least it seemed that way!)  We will absolutely recommend you to our friends and family!

I have to say on record that you guys are the best lending agency I have ever worked with. I have and will continue to tell every one I know,”Mortgage Trust is the best and only company to work with”!!

Thank you SO SO SO much for being so organized, so quick and efficient, for directing us every step of the way—this was almost TOO easy for us! We are so grateful to have had your support and expertise throughout this process. This is a very big/exciting step for us and your diligence and attentiveness was incredibly reassuring….THANK YOU!!

You have been great to work with from start to finish…You’ve been super knowledgeable and professional to work with, and I have always felt like I knew exactly where we were in the process.  I will most definitely recommend you, and already have.  Keep up the awesome work!  Looking forward to working with you in the future!


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Mortgage Rate Update July 6, 2015

Mortgage rates are improved to start the week. In case you missed it Greek voters chose to reject additional austerity measures over the weekend which takes Greece and the Euro Zone into uncharted territory.  From here there is uncertainty regarding how this gets handled.  Can a deal still be struck between Greece and its creditors? […]

Mortgage Rate Update July 2, 2015

Mortgage rates are effectively unchanged from Monday. Normally during jobs week I am writing the Thursday ‘rate update’ about the expectations for the all-important jobs report and how the release may impact mortgage rates the following day.  That is because the jobs report is normally released on Friday. However, given that this week is a […]

Mortgage Rate Update June 29, 2015

Although mortgage note rates are unchanged from last Thursday pricing has improved so in fact the overall rate environment is better to start the week. Greece is back in focus for the financial markets today.  Although Greece is not yet technically in “default” they are teetering on the edge.  Negotiations between Greece and its creditors […]

Mortgage Rate Update June 25, 2015

Mortgage rates are mostly unchanged from the beginning of the week. Interest rates have been choppy this week.  On Monday it appeared that mortgage rates were headed higher on news that Greece was close to reaching a deal with their creditors.  However, news emerged yesterday that its creditors would not accept the proposal.  Therefore, rates […]

Mortgage Rate Update June 22, 2015

Mortgage rates are unchanged from last week but are trending in the wrong direction this morning.  Last week mortgage rates caught a break from their upward trend that had been established a few weeks ago.  The break was as a result of renewed fears over the Greek financial crisis. Those fears are unwinding this morning […]

Mortgage Rate Update June 18, 2015

Mortgage rates are unchanged from Monday. In case you missed the Fed’s statement following their monetary policy meeting yesterday they indicated that they would raise rates on a gradual basis.  This means that the market now thinks that Fed will increase interest rates on a slower pace than previously expected.  At first glance this may […]

Mortgage Rate Update June 15, 2015

Mortgage rates are unchanged from last Monday. The financial travails in Greece are back in the headlines this morning.  Over the weekend talks between Greece and its creditors broke down.  Greece is supposed to pay the International Monetary Fund a 1.6 billion euro payment by the end of June.  There is growing speculation that they […]

Mortgage Rate Update June 8, 2015

Mortgage rates had a tough run last week.  They have increased by ~.25% in the past week and a half.  Yields on US government bonds suffered the worst sell-off in over two years during the same timeline. In case you missed it Friday’s all-important jobs report showed that the US economy created 280,000 new jobs […]

Mortgage Rate Update June 4, 2015

Mortgage rates are at the highest levels since November of 2014.  Interest rates around the globe have moved higher during the first half of this week. As we know changes in US mortgage rates tend to correlate to changes in yields on the US 10-year treasury note.  Lately, changes in the US 10-year treasury yield […]

Mortgage Rate Update June 1, 2015

Mortgage rates are unchanged from late last week. The technical pattern for mortgage-backed bonds (MBS’s) which I identified as a positive sign for mortgage rates last Thursday is breaking down this morning.  MBS prices are drifting below the supportive trend line which does not bode well for mortgage rates. What is putting pressure on interest […]