My Clients on Working with Me:

It was great working with Evan again.  Once again he was on top of everything and we are happy with how quickly everything went!

Once again you’ve gone the extra mile to make this smooth and easy for us. Thank you!

I have to say on record that you guys are the best lending agency I have ever worked with. I have and will continue to tell every one I know,”Mortgage Trust is the best and only company to work with”!!

Absolutely love working with you guys and would definitely do so again.

I’m very happy with the service we received.

We could not be happier.  You took cae of our new mortgage completely and everything went perfect.  Thanks again!

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Mortgage Rate Update February 8, 2016

Mortgage rates remain at the best levels in the past 12 months. Friday’s all-important jobs report was a miss.  The markets had been expecting +188,000 new jobs and the report showed only +158,000 jobs created during the month of January.  Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics revised lower its previously released figure for December.  Bad […]

Mortgage Rate Update February 4, 2016

Rates are mainly unchanged from Monday.  Mortgage rates have improved by .25%-.375% over the past 3 months. The chart below demonstrates the correlation between changes in the US-10 year and mortgage rates. Tomorrow we get the latest all-important monthly jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  In case you’ve forgotten last month’s report showed […]

Grant Program to be eliminated

Back in 2014 the National Homebuyer Fund ( made buying a home with 0% down possible again by arranging down payment grants to qualifying buyers.  I wrote about the program HERE. It was announced yesterday that this grant program would be suspended as of February 29, 2016.  Homebuyers utilizing the grant program can close after […]

Mortgage Rate Update February 1, 2016

Mortgage rates are slightly better as compared to last week. Last Friday the Bank of Japan, which is the central bank, surprised the global markets by cutting short-term interest rates in that economy.  Their short-term interest rates are now negative which means commercial banks must now pay the Bank of Japan for the privilege of […]

Mortgage Rate Update January 28, 2016

Mortgage rates are unchanged from Monday. Yesterday the Fed concluded their latest monetary policy meeting and delivered the highly anticipated statement.  As we expected (see HERE) the Fed did come slightly more “dovish” in their outlook for hiking short-term interest rates in 2016.  As a reminder the Fed does not directly control mortgage rates. Following […]

Mortgage Rate Update January 25, 2016

Mortgage rates are unchanged from last week and remain at multi-month lows. It’s Fed week so I anticipate the financial markets will trade sideways until the monetary policy committee releases its statement on Wednesday at 11AM PST.  As a reminder, the Fed does not directly control mortgage rates but their comments and actions do impact […]

Mortgage Rate Update January 21, 2016

Mortgage rates are unchanged from the beginning of the week and remain at multi-month lows.  If you missed the window for refinancing in October 2015 now is your time to revisit your options. As I wrote about on Tuesday weakness in the stock market continues to help mortgage rates improve.  Much of the media focus […]

Mortgage Rate Update January 19, 2016

Interest rates are extremely attractive.  They are currently at the best levels since October of last year. I’ve written numerous times about how the stock market can impact mortgage rates.  All else being equal when stocks do poorly interest rates benefit as a result of a “flight-to-safety”.  Want to see a great example of this? […]

Mortgage Rate Update January 14, 2016

Mortgage rates are essentially unchanged from the beginning of the week and remain at 2-month lows. As I have repeatedly written over the past few months the Fed does not directly control mortgage rates.  In mid-December the Fed increased short-term interest rates by +.25%.  Since then mortgage rates have improved by ~-.25%.  There you have […]

Mortgage Rate Update January 11, 2015

Mortgage rates are improved from the beginning of last week. In case you missed it the headline numbers that accompanied the all-important jobs report were better than expected.  According to the report the US economy added 292,000 new jobs during the month of December, far more than the ~200,000 that was anticipated. Normally, we’d expect […]