My Clients on Working with Me:

I am working with you again on my next transaction because of your excellent service–Thanks!

Excellent Service!  Thank you!

The Usual great service.  Thanks!

Thanks for all the help during the process.  You and your staff were great to work with.  It’s always fun to see and work with people who are really good at what they do.  As I said earlier I’ll gladly recommend people to you.

Really like the ease of being in contact via email, and the loan progress email that is sent out at least once a week with where we are and what we are waiting on.  Really like the fact that on a Friday, even if there has been no new info there is still an update before going into the weekend.  You guys have done an amazing job.

My wife and I are extremely pleased with the service we have received from you.  You made it easy to buy a house.


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Mortgage Rate Update March 30, 2015

Mortgage rates are more or less unchanged from Thursday’s levels. Earlier today the Commerce Department released its latest reading on the Personal Consumption Expenditure price index.  Also known as “PCE” it is the Fed’s favorite gauge of inflation because unlike the Consumer Price Index it allows for substitutions in the consumption basket (for example, if […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 26, 2015

Mortgage rates are slightly worse than they were on Monday. As I warned in Monday’s ‘rate update’ the US Treasury’s fresh supply of $90 billion in new debt has put upward pressure on rates this week (CLICK HERE to understand why).  Yesterday’s $35 billion auction of 5-year notes was met with soft demand and as […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 23, 2015

Mortgage rates are mostly unchanged from late last week. I am encouraged by the technical outlook for interest rates.  A look at the chart showing the yield on the US 10-year treasury note, which mortgage rates correlate with, reveals that downward momentum is in play and there is plenty of room for rates to move […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 19, 2015

Mortgage rates improved yesterday following the Fed’s monetary policy statement. As was expected the Fed did remove the word “patient” from their statement which gives them the flexibility to begin raising short-term interest rates as soon as June.  It’s important to remember that the Fed does not directly control mortgage rates. One would think that […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 16, 2015

Mortgage rates are unchanged from the end of last week. The main focus this week is on the Fed.  They begin a regularly scheduled two-day monetary policy meeting tomorrow and will deliver a policy statement on Wednesday.  The financial markets are anxious to hear if the Fed repeats the word “patient” in the statement.  There […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 12, 2015

Mortgage rates are lower than where we started the week.  The shift to floating on Monday proved to be the correct call. The impact of last week’s stronger than expected jobs report was short lived.  After rates rose ~.125% on Friday last week they have calmed back down to the levels available one week ago […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 9, 2015

Mortgage rates worsened by ~.125% across the board on Friday following the release of a better than expected jobs report (CLICK HERE to understand why). In case you missed it the employment report showed 295,000 new jobs were created during the month of February and the unemployment rate ticked lower to 5.5%.  The report shows […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 5, 2015

Mortgage note rates are essentially unchanged from Monday but the accompany closing costs are modestly worse. Tomorrow we get the all-important jobs report for the month of February.  The markets are currently expecting 230,000 new jobs created and an unemployment rate of 5.6%.  A number north of 230,000 would likely pressure mortgage rates higher and […]

Mortgage Rate Update March 2, 2015

Mortgage rates are essentially unchanged from last Thursday. Thank goodness February is over.  It was a tough month for mortgage rates as they increased by ~.25% across the board.  Will March be better?  So far no good. US stocks are starting the new month higher.  The NASDAQ briefly traded at 5,000 earlier today.  The all-time […]