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Our loan has been closed and thank you so much for the smooth transaction. We are pleased with the service we have received from you. We appreciate your prompt responses to our questions and your explaining things in great details. Excellence service. Thank you very much!

The Usual great service.  Thanks!


Thank you for the great service; keep thinking outside the box!

Awesome Job!  Extremely Efficient & Professional.

It was a pleasure, Evan.  I appreciate your clearly written explanations of the loan specifics.


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Mortgage Rate Update August 20, 2015

Housekeeping Note: ‘Rate Update’ will be on vacation next week and is set to return Monday, August 31st. Mortgage rates are back at the best levels of 2015. Mortgage rates improved following the release of the minutes from the last Fed monetary policy meeting.  The minutes revealed that Fed officials are divided as to whether […]

Mortgage Rate Update August 17, 2015

Mortgage rates are slightly better as compared to last Thursday. Following last weeks announcement from the Chinese government that they would allow the Yuan to float more freely against the US dollar mortgage rates have improved by .125%-.25%.  The goal of the policy is to make Chinese goods & services more competitive in the global […]

Mortgage Rate Update August 13, 2015

Mortgage rates are effectively unchanged from Monday. In a surprise move the Chinese Government devalued the Yuan on Tuesday in an effort to make their goods and services look more attractive to the global economy.  The move was unexpected and caused a short “flight-to-safety” in the financial markets which benefits US interest rates.  Furthermore, cheaper […]

Mortgage Rate Update August 10, 2015

Mortgage rates are effectively unchanged from last Thursday. In case you missed it the all-important jobs report released on Friday was essentially inline with market expectations.  The report showed 215,000 new jobs created and the unemployment rate at 5.3%.  Average hourly earnings were up slightly but not enough to stoke fears of wage-based inflation.  The […]

Mortgage Rate Update August 6, 2015

I shifted to a ‘locking bias” last Thursday and that has proven to be a good call as rates have increased by ~.125% from the beginning of this week. All attention is focused on tomorrow’s all-important monthly jobs report.  I think mortgage rates are in a lose-lose situation and therefore am going to maintain my […]

Mortgage Rate Update August 3, 2015

Mortgage rates have improved since last Thursday’s ‘rate update’. On Friday the Bureau of Labor Statistics released it’s latest reading of the Employment Cost Index (ECI).  I haven’t covered the ECI much in the past and that is because it hasn’t been much of a driver in the interest rate markets.  As analysts continue to […]

Mortgage Rate Update July 30, 2015

Mortgage rates are unchanged from the beginning of the week. There is a lot of economic news to cover this morning.  First off, the Fed’s monetary policy statement released yesterday offered little clarity on when the Fed plans to start raising short-term interest rates.  They have scheduled meetings in September, October, and December and at […]

Mortgage Rate Update July 27, 2015

For the most part mortgage note rates are unchanged from Thursday but the accompanying closing costs are slightly less so in fact the rate environment has improved.  We switched to a ‘floating’ position last Monday and since then mortgage rates have improved by roughly .125%. China’s stock market has taken a sharp turn lower this […]

Mortgage Rate Update July 23, 2015

Mortgage rates are unchanged from Monday. Interest rates have been very quiet this week which is in stark contrast to the volatility we saw when Greece was in the throes of negotiating a(nother) bailout. As I stated on Monday it has been a fairly quiet economic news week so mortgage rates have responded to the […]

Mortgage Rate Update July 20, 2015

Mortgage rates are mostly unchanged from Thursday. With the Greek storyline in the rear-view mirror (for now) and a very light economic calendar this week I expect mortgage rates to respond to the stock market and technical trading patterns. The US stock market is expected to respond to 2nd quarter earnings reports from various large […]