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“Everyone at Mortgage Trust was wonderful throughout the whole process. Communication within the team, between Mortgage Trust and the title company, and my agent, made the whole process fell so easy + smooth.”

“Evan and [his] team were professional, prompt, and knowledgeable. We were kept informed of our loan progress and never felt out of the loop.”

“Amanda + Evan were wonderful. They helped me with my refinance. Their communication was exceptional – responded quickly to all my calls and emails. Thanks you so much for all your help.”

“Evan and his team made this such a smooth, clear process for a first time home buyer. I was anxious entering the process, but Evan was always there to answer my many questions and guide me through everything step by step. I would highly recommend Mortgage Trust to any potential home owner.”

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Mortgage Rate Update August 22, 2016

Housekeeping: ‘Rate Update’ will be on vacation for the remainder of August.  Look for the next ‘rate update’ to take place after Labor Day. Mortgage rates are unchanged from last Thursday. This week’s economic calendar is relatively light which is fitting given that we are in the “dog days of summer”.  What will be closely […]

Mortgage Rate Update August 18, 2016

Mortgage rates are unchanged from Monday. Yesterday minutes from the last Fed meeting were released.  They indicated that a some on the monetary policy committee believes the timing is ripe for another rate hike.  These “hawks” cite a strong labor market and steady economic growth. However, the “doves”, those on the committee who are not […]

Mortgage Rate Update August 15, 2016

Mortgage rates are mostly unchanged from last Thursday although pricing is a touch worse at the same note rates. Technical trading patterns are what I am most interested in to start the week.  They are also the most difficult to convey in a written format.  Below is a chart of mortgage-backed bond (MBS) trading. MBS’s […]

Mortgage Rate Update August 11, 2016

Mortgage rates are slightly improved from Monday. Interest rates here in the US remain near historic lows at the same time as our stock markets hover at all-time highs.  I wrote about this unique relationship HERE.  Normally when stocks rally it is at the expense of interest rates but given the challenges overseas the US […]

Mortgage Rate Update August 8, 2016

Mortgage rates are slightly worse as compared to last week. Friday’s all-important jobs report was stronger than anticipated.  The report showed that +255,000 new jobs were created during the month of July and they revised higher the previously released number for June to +292,000.  Good news for the employment market tends to be bad news […]

Mortgage Rate Update August 1, 2016

Mortgage note rates are mostly unchanged from last week. It’s a busy week on the economic calendar and ‘rate update’ will not come out on Thursday so I will try and pack it all in here. The Personal Consumption Expenditure price index (PCE) will be released tomorrow.  The PCE is the Fed’s favorite gauge of […]

Mortgage Rate Update July 28, 2016

Mortgage note rates are unchanged from the beginning of the week but closing costs are moderately lower so in fact conditions have improved. The primary economic highlight for this week took place yesterday when the Fed released its post-monetary policy meeting statement.  As expected they left short-term interest rates unchanged (as a reminder the Fed […]

Mortgage Rate Update July 25, 2016

Mortgage rates are basically even with the latter half of last week and .125% off all-time low levels. The Fed will meet for its normal two day monetary policy meeting starting tomorrow with a policy statement released on Wednesday.  There is basically zero chance the Fed will hike rates at this meeting but their comments […]

Mortgage Rate Update July 21, 2016

Mortgage rates are priced modestly worse today as compared to the beginning of the week. Let’s start off with some housing news this morning.  Earlier today, the National Association of Realtors released its monthly existing home sales report for June.  It showed that the pace of existing home sales increased by 3% nationwide compared to […]

Mortgage Rate Update July 19, 2016

‘Rate Update’ woke up late this week so we’re debuting on Tuesday instead of yesterday.  Mortgage rates are unchanged from Thursday of last week. The economic calendar is fairly light this week though the limited number of releases are heavily housing focused.  Earlier today the latest reading for housing permits and housing starts was released. […]