My Clients on Working with Me:

Evan was wonderful!  Prompt, helpful, and willing to educate us on the loan process.

Thank you very much.  We had a very good experience working with you.  Thank you very much for the excellent service; we would definitely recommend you to others.

Even when I ask what appears to me to be a simple question you have taken the time to respond.Trust me if anyone I know should ever ask who I would recommend as a loan company, you are Top of my list.

I have to say on record that you guys are the best lending agency I have ever worked with. I have and will continue to tell every one I know,”Mortgage Trust is the best and only company to work with”!!

Kudos to you for putting out such an amazing e-mail to your clients!!  You are my new loan officer poster child.  Having the clients aware of what is going on is truly appreciated by those of us in escrow (as well as the clients themselves).

We could not be happier.  You took cae of our new mortgage completely and everything went perfect.  Thanks again!


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Mortgage Rate Update November 24, 2014

Mortgage rates are unchanged to start this holiday shortened week. US stocks continue to rally making it hard for mortgage rates to improve.  Thankfully mortgage rates have managed to trade sideways as equity prices continue to drive higher. Of the past 28 trading days the S&P 500 has gained approximately 11% and has closed to […]

Mortgage Rate Update November 20, 2014

Mortgage rates are unchanged from Monday.  Mortgage rates have essentially been sideways since the end of October.  Whenever interest rates remain in a tight range for a prolonged period of time we need to be on guard for a break out (for better or worse). The economic calendar was is busy this week. With regard […]

Mortgage Rate Update November 17, 2014

Mortgage rates are unchanged from last Thursday. It’s been a recurring theme over the past couple months here on ‘rate update’.  The US economy appears to be on firm footing which would normally pressure rates higher but international influences continue to support a low interest rate environment. Earlier today Japan reported that their economy contracted […]

Mortgage Rate Update November 13, 2014

Mortgage rates are very similar to where they stood one week from today. The stock market continues to roll along which  makes it difficult for mortgage rates to improve.  Since mid-October the S&P 500 is up almost 10%. Adding to the rally is Wal-Mart Stores that reported better than expected 3rd quarter results earlier today. […]

Mortgage Rate Update November 6, 2014

Mortgage note rates are unchanged but the accompanying closing costs have worsened slightly this week. Mortgage rates have remained near the best levels of the year since mid-October but tomorrow’s all-important jobs report could change all that.  The markets are expecting tomorrow’s release will show that ~250,000 new jobs were created last month.  With the […]

Mortgage Rate Update November 3, 2014

Mortgage rates are opening up the week heading in the wrong direction.  Thus far, mortgage note rates have not changed but mortgage-backed bonds (MBS’s) are lower which leads me to believe we may see higher rates later in the week. Mortgage rates are reacting to better than expected manufacturing data released by the Institute of […]

Mortgage Rate Update October 30, 2014

Pricing on mortgage rates is slightly worse compared to Monday. The economic influences that impact mortgage rates are sending somewhat mixed signals. Yesterday, the Fed released its latest assessment of the economy after concluding their regularly scheduled monetary policy meeting.  As expected, the Fed formally announced an ending to quantitative easing (QE) which has been […]

Mortgage Rate Update October 27, 2014

Mortgage rates are mostly unchanged from late last week. Mortgage rates continue to benefit from economic weakness in Europe.  Earlier today weaker than expected morale was reported amongst the German business community.  Furthermore, over the weekend it was reported that approximately 1 in 5 European lenders failed the latest “stress test”.  As long as weakness […]

Mortgage Rate Update October 23, 2014

Mortgage rates are currently unchanged from Monday but it looks like rates may be poised to move modestly higher at least in the near-term. A rally in the stock market is pressuring mortgage rates higher this morning.  Caterpillar and 3M corporations each reported stronger than expected earnings earlier today which is helping to propel US […]

Mortgage Rate Update October 20, 2014

After creating new lows on Wednesday of last week rates have risen by ~.125%.  Rates remain very attractive. A “flight-to-safety” is pressuring rates lower.  Since the first US case of Ebola was discovered back on September 30th the S&P 500 has fallen by 5%.  Bad news for stocks is often good news for mortgage rates. […]